About Me, Jared

My Story

Forever a fitness aficionado, I have over 20 years of experience in the fitness & health industry and multiple areas of expertise: certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, martial arts instructor (3º blackbelt, Renbukai karate and 2º blackbelt, Ryūkyū Kobudō), and yoga teacher (Ashtanga/Yin/Hatha).

I am thrilled to be a Personal Trainer in Courtenay, British Columbia, in an active, health-conscious community, within a setting that I love. It is here that I have realized a lifelong dream and opened my own Comox Valley fitness studio, Ki Fitness & Health, where I, and others, share our passion in fitness & health. Personally, I enjoy my own regular strength & conditioning training, martial arts and yoga practice, climbing, cycling, hiking, and all things outdoors.

I feel fortunate to be able to share my knowledge and enthusiasm, and for the opportunity to guide and positively impact the fitness, health, and overall wellness of others.

Jared Sato, Personal Fitness Training, Comox Valley

Personal Qualities

  • Fun & Friendly
  • Creative & Knowledgeable
  • Optimistic & Realistic
  • Motivated & Determined
  • Meticulous & Committed
  • Easy Going & Positive

Move, Feel, & Perform Better

  • Knowledge-based, evidence-informed, and practical approach.
  • Realistic, optimistic, and adaptable training style.
  • Functional training for daily living, work, leisure, recreation, and athletic performance.
  • Corrective exercise for muscle imbalances, posture dysfunction, movement inefficiencies, injury prevention, and pain management.
  • Pre/Post-Rehab to prepare for/recover from musculoskeletal surgery and to support old injuries.
  • Movement, posture, mobility, core, balance, stability, flexibility, and coordination.
  • Strength & conditioning, weight loss/management, and sports performance.

Balanced from the Inside Out

My Style

Easy-going yet thorough, I am committed to your pursuit of a fitter and healthier lifestyle. I strive to make sessions as enjoyable, safe, and effective as possible. I’ll ensure you work hard but efficiently, I’ll educate to empower you, and we'll have a good time along the way. Your training will continuously evolve as you inevitably progress, and I accept all challenges – your goals become my goals, and I will do all I can to help you realize them!

I value continuous education and professional development, and keep current with emerging research and industry trends. I enjoy the diversity of my clientele – from general fitness enthusiasts to athletes, youth to older adults, and everyone in between – and I support each client based on their specific goals, needs, strengths, and limitations.

The benefits of regular physical activity and proper nutrition are many and shouldn't be a chore. Instead, maintaining your fitness & health can be an integrated, enjoyable, and balanced aspect of your lifestyle – I look forward to helping you discover your way!