The Athlete

Move, Feel, & Perform Better

The Score

Athletes can benefit substantially from personal training. The requirements of each athlete and their sport are complex, and an appropriate, evidence-based training program is imperative to advance your sport performance. As an athlete, I understand this challenge, and as a trainer I know what works: I bring you most effective training so you can focus on what you love most – your sport.

If you’re a serious athlete and want to gain that extra edge, then read on…

The Struggle

You possess an unfaltering commitment to your well-defined goals and your strong work ethic demands results, but sometimes the results you seek elude you. You value supplemental training to enhance your sport performance, but sifting through the wealth of training resources, research, and options can be overwhelming.

The time and effort you have is finite and best spent on honing your skills then figuring out the how of supplemental training - I will shortcut you the process and dial in the best approach for your success.

The Method

Every sport is unique in its movement patterns, functional biomechanics, and energy requirements, and it’s imperative that a sport-specific training program considers all these variables. As the science of strength & conditioning continues to evolve, I strive to remain current and up to date in order to provide you with the most effective training, based on proven techniques. Furthermore, I pass this knowledge onto you to help you better understand the fundamentals of your discipline.

I apply tried, tested, and true methods to maximize your athleticism and skill set.

The Madness

Training athletes is a treat. Your ambition, discipline, and unparalleled effort is always appreciated, and I’m careful to consider your unique qualities, abilities, limitations, and strengths as an athlete.

With a knowledge-based and evidence-informed approach, I will implement cutting-edge training that will push you to new limits and exceed expectations.

Balanced from the Inside Out